BBQs 2U – What Brands of Grills and Ovens They Sell?

BBQs 2U, a small family business launched in 2010 is a well-established store to buy pizza ovens and branded grills. Their collection includes gas-powered Ooni Koda 16 and 12, multi-fuel Ooni Karu 16 and 12, multi-fuel Ooni Pro 16, and wood pellet fuelled Ooni Fyra 12.

BBQs 2U stocks Napoleon gas BBQs including Kettle, Apollo 300, Pro 57cm, and Pro with the cart. Napoleon charcoal BBQs comprise Rogue, LE, LEX, Prestige, Prestige Pro, and portable. Customers even opt for the latest American brand MasterBuilt Gravity series 560, 600, and 1050 series.

BBQs 2U is also affiliated with Kamado Joe UK Company. It is popular worldwide for its range of innovative grills including KJ Classic I, II, & III, Big Joe II & III, Joe Jnr, and Kettle Joe. Kamado Joe creates quality BBQs that last long and is a trusted ally in exceptional grilling experience.

Ooni Karu is dual fuelled and can be switched between wood and gas with ease. Karu’s gas burner sits outside and is a little longer. Ooni Koda 12 has a linear gas burner, which sits across the back, while Koda 16 has an L-shaped burner that sits along the side and back of the oven. In Karu and Koda, the flames are sufficiently far away, so there is no need for a flame guard to protect pizza from flames.

In Karu, the thick pizza stone sits deep downwards, while in Koda it sits on the oven floor. Both offer wispy flames to cook perfect pizza but the choice is between fuel options. Choose a dual-sided grizzled plate to cook multiple steaks because the ovens provide extreme heat ideal for cooking tender, succulent and juicy steaks.

Each Kamado Classic series has a lot in common including a thick-walled ceramic body for guaranteed heat distribution and retention. Split heat deflector to efficiently manage cooking zones within the chamber. Iron cart design for easy manoeuvrability. The Classic I model is best for beginners, while Classic III has some upgrades and improvements. Classic II sits comfortably between these both.

Kamado Big Joe is suitable for serious outdoor smoking and grilling. The cooking space in II and III generations is 452 sq. inches but with a grill, the expander can be increased to 604 sq. inches. With 2 sets of expander and grates cooking capacity can be increased by 1,056 sq. inches.

The 3rd Big Joe generation introduces SloRoller technology, where a hyperbaric chamber is used to distribute the smoke and heat across the cooker in rolling waves. The cook is surrounded with uniform heat and smoke inducing incredible Smoky flavours in the food. Hot spots appearing around the cooker are also eliminated. A specially designed airlift hinge system lessens the force needed to open a heavy lid and no worries about the lid slamming shut, which can damage the grill.

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