Benefits of consuming mixed fruit juice

Having fruit juice in the morning with your breakfast completes the meal and leaves you with a satisfied grin. Fruit juices are sweet, nutritious, and refreshing to have at any time of the day. Fruit juices also make for amazing mixers for mocktails, slushies etc.

Fruit juices are rich in natural fibres and antioxidants. These two are ley drivers at increasing skin quality, strengthening the immune system and improving digestion. Fruit juices are abundant in natural sugars which help in energizing the body and keeping you feeling full. Fruit juices are also extremely hydrating and work as amazing refreshments after a long, tiring day or a workout! However, consuming a single fruit juice can get monotonous. That is why mixed fruit juice exists.

Mixed fruit juices are usually juices that are made from more than 2-3 fruits. Usually, these fruits pair well together (taste-wise) and contain important nutrients that can be had together. Here are some important benefits of having mixed fruit juice!

Different colours, different nutrients

According to health experts all over the world, eating fruits and vegetables of different colours is good for health. Consuming different coloured fruits and vegetables entails consuming different kinds of nutrients and a wide variety of them. This vast range of nutrients can nourish your body and help you lead an active and healthy lifestyle. A similar idea goes behind mixed fruit juices too! Having more than 2-3 fruits increases the nutrients in them and makes the juice a great way of keeping your health in check!


Packaged mixed fruit juices save you the time and energy that would go behind juicing. You don’t have to run to the grocery store and hunt for the best fruits, then come back home, clean them and juice each and every one of them. Packaged mixed fruit juices are pre-made and hence save you a lot of time, which is especially important if you lead a busy life!

Off-season can’t stop you!

Packaged mixed fruit juices are packaged in reliable tetra packs and stay fresh for up to 5-6 months at a time. So even if a few fruits are in their off-season, you can avail its taste and their nutrients in packaged mixed fruit juices without burning a hole in your pocket!

Makes for a great mixer

Since mixed fruit juices contain several fruits, it has a delectable taste and can be one of the best mixers in your mocktails! Drinks like fruit punch and mojitos are perfect when made with mixed fruit. You can also make mixed fruit versions of cocktails like Cinderella and Sunset mocktail to give a fancy touch to your house parties and get-togethers. Mixed fruit juice is one mixer that adults and kids alike will love!

B Natural Mixed Fruit Juice contains the goodness of juicy fruits like Mango, Banana, Pineapple, Guava, Jamun and Bael. It is rich in natural fibres, antioxidants, and Vitamin C. B Natural Mixed Fruit Juice is one of the best high-quality mixed fruit juices in the market as it is made from 100% real fruit pulp and 0% concentrate. This means that it contains all the natural nutrients of the pulp, without any added preservatives or colour. B Natural Mixed Fruit Juice is perfect for you if you want to relish the taste of several juicy fruits in one drink and avail all its health benefits!

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