Different Dishes To Try While Visiting Thailand

Thailand is famous for its tropical weather ad beautiful beaches, but many visitors to the Land of Smiles also fall in love with the food. No matter what you like to eat, if you adore spicy food, there are many dishes you will want to try when you visit Thailand for the first time. Below are some of the various Thai dishes you will want to try when holidaying in Thailand that will get your taste buds exploding and have your mouth watering when you try them.

Fried Chicken

Okay, fried chicken may not be a dish that originates in Thailand, but it is something that many Thai people love, so many vendors are selling it. You can get some delicious fried chicken from a street vendor and having some Thai sweet chilli sauce with it will make it taste fantastic.

Tom Yum Goong

You may know this dish from the famous Thai movie of the same name, and it is available in various forms. It is a spicy soup with vegetables that often has shrimp in it. You can get versions of the dish that are creamy and not too spicy or ones that have much more of a kick, depending on your preference.

Pad Krapow

Another firm favourite in Thailand for locals and tourists alike is Pad Krapow, which can be made with minced pork or chicken. It is a stir-fried dish with plenty of chillies and Thai basil, and you will usually have a serving of rice with it. An excellent way to finish the dish nicely is to add a fried egg on top and mix it up.

Pad Thai

Another popular dish in Thailand is Pad Thai, which is fried noodles and is an excellent vegetarian option. You can also add meat to it if you prefer, and it is also common to have eggs in it. Many street vendors are selling this dish, and there are a whole host of condiments you can add to it, including dried chilli, salt, sugar, and peanuts.

Mango & Sticky Rice

Another popular dish for many people is mango and sticky rice, which you will see many street vendors selling, and it is on lots of restaurant menus. You will get some fresh and deliciously sweet mango chopped up, served with a portion of sticky rice. It is an ideal snack, and you can also have it as a dessert if you want.

These are a few dishes you will want to try when visiting Thailand, but there are many more besides these few. You can click here to see more delicious Thai foods you may want to try when going on holiday in Thailand.

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