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Top Non-Alcoholic Drinks of the World

A Non alcoholic drink is a growing trend in the beverage industry. They have been on the rise for over two decades and show no signs of slowing down!

Some of the types:

  • Iced tea is the most popular non-alcoholic drink in America and throughout other countries. It’s made by brewing a hot liquid (usually black or green tea, but sometimes with some fruit) until it becomes an extract, then pouring this extract over ice cubes to make cold-brewed iced tea.
  • Fruit juice should come as no surprise on any list of popular drinks! There are many different varieties, including apple juice, grapefruit juice, pineapple juice – you name it! Fruit juices provide both sweet flavour and vitamins that help your body stay healthy. They also have antioxidants that can prevent certain diseases such as cancer.
  • Lemons pop up all over the place during summertime – at picnics, in lemonade, and more! A varied fruit that can be used for desserts or as a refreshing drink. Lemon juice is full of vitamin C, which helps prevent cancer cells from growing – so don’t forget the lemons when stocking your fridge this summer season!

Non-alcoholic drinks are a fantastic way to offer your guests something that they can enjoy without compromising their sobriety. There are so many surpassing choices out there, from healthy juices and smoothies to decadent milkshakes! For those looking for some more interesting tastes, you may want to try some of these non-alcoholic beverages around the world:  Kombucha Tea (Eastern Europe), Water Kefir (North America), Mango Lassi (India).

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