Ten Ideas for Great Chocolate-Related Birthday Gifts

In 1847 the English company J.S. Fry & Sons learned the formula to make mouldable Chocolate which started the rise of one of the world’s favourite edible treats. Since then, Chocolate has morphed into almost endless different forms and tastes, making it the perfect gift idea for any occasion. Everyday millions of people all around the world enjoy popular Chocolate brands, with companies like Cadburys in England and Hershey’s in the USA turning out their tasty products. In contrast, luxury Chocolates are produced by the Swiss firm Lindt and the Italian concern Ferrero Rocher. Chocolate is a superb and flexible gift idea for many occasions, as it brings a feeling of decadence and makes the receiver feel a bit special. This short article will focus on some excellent ideas for Chocolate birthday gifts for your friends and loved ones.

  1. Chocolate Truffles – a luxury Chocolate treat consisting of a tempered Chocolate shell filled with different types of liquid Chocolate Ganache.
  2. Prafeuille Chocolate – Chocolate squares with liquid centres, often with fruit or mint flavours.
  3. Chocolate Almonds – whole roasted Almonds coated with either Milk, Dark or White Chocolate is a great choice for lovers of Chocolate and Nuts.
  4. House of Knipschildt – One of the world’s most expensive Chocolate brands, they use top-quality ingredients to produce ultra-end products.
  5. Chocolate-Coated Coffee Beans – high-quality Coffee beans coated with good-quality Chocolate are an excellent choice for Coffee lovers.
  6. Ruby Chocolate – a recent development in the Chocolate world uses a newer type of Cacao bean to produce a unique taste combining white Chocolate and berries.
  7. Triple Chocolate Brownies – three times the Chocolatey taste with these popular snack treats will delight the Chocoholic in your family.
  8. Lindt Luxury Chocolates – this Swiss company has been making high-quality Chocolate since the 1800s, and their products make a superb Birthday gift.
  9. Dark Chocolates – often thought of as a more sophisticated taste with a rich and deep flavour, they are favoured by many people.
  10. Chocolate Dipped Strawberries – a luxury fruity gift, large Strawberries coated with Chocolate are a great taste combination which makes a great gift.

Giving Chocolate as a gift is a fantastic idea as it provides the receiver with the feeling of being just a little bit spoilt, especially if you have given them a luxury Chocolate, they would not normally purchase for themselves.

In short, by choosing to give Chocolate as a gift, you cannot go wrong. Give your loved one a Chocolatey gift today.

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