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Four of The Best Summer-Time Beers

Summer is here and summer brings beer. Summer is made for day trips to the beach, weekend BBQs, and marshmallows over a fire. Summer is for holidays. Summer is for time with friends. Why not make it even better with some of the best summer beers?

Summer is for Ciders

An extremely drinkable “beer” during the summertime is a cider. Crisp, light, and refreshing, these drinks range from a nearly champagne-light pale to a deep golden hue. Made from many different types of apples, ciders can range in flavour and profile. Some ciders are very sweet and can be brewed with additional fruit like berries and stone fruit, while some use tart apples for a crisp, dry taste. Ciders are a wonderful refreshment on a hot, sunny day.

Perfect with A Pilsner

For those that enjoy a light beer with a slight bite, consider a pilsner. These are often straw-coloured and have a light maltiness and medium bitterness. Pilsners are known for their soft water content, low in minerals, which helps create their classic profile taste. A good pilsner is lower in alcohol content—making it an easy-drinking lager—while still maintaining a crispness and overall bite that can’t be found in many other lighter beers.

Light Lagers for Bright Days

A light lager is a great choice for a drinkable summer beer. Lagers refer only to the cold-brewing process that a beer goes through and as such, lagers can range from pale to dark in colour. Light lagers are what people most typically think of when they hear the word lager. These are the standard light beers that nearly any bar or restaurant will serve. Lower in alcohol content and sometimes even calories, light lagers are crisp, refreshing, and always best served ice-cold.

Settle in with A Session Ale

For those that like a little more depth to the beer that they drink, a session ale is a good choice. Session ale usually means that these particular beers do not go above a certain percent, usually no more than 5%. IPAs are great, but typically very high in alcohol content. Many people cannot go on drinking them for an extended period of time, even if they like the hop profile. Enter the session IPA—these drinkable beers allow for a good “session” of drinking without too much hangover the next day!

While any beer drinker can drink whatever they please, these are a great start for a fun day in the sun.

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