The Ultimate Street Food Guide

The Thais certainly know how to cook food and street stalls have always been part of their culture; none of the restrictions you find at home, the Thai vendor wheels out their stall and sells right there on the side of the street. Admittedly, there have been some restrictions imposed by the current administration to keep the streets of Bangkok in good order, which doesn’t mean the end of street food, rather maintaining some form of order.

Sukhumvit Road

From the Soi 4 intersection up to Soi 77 (Onnut), every avenue has its own unique blend of street food; pork sticks, BBQ chicken and sticky rice, along with the best noodle soups you’ll ever find in South East Asia. Fruits are also well represented, with small glass covered platforms full of fruit and ice; take your pick from a long list of tropical fruits, while the vendor typically rides a pushbike or motorcycle. Anywhere along this road and you will encounter the best street food in Bangkok, just be adventurous and expect to experience spicy tastes.

Talat Nat (Market by Appointment)

Literally translated, market by appointment usually happens 2-3 days per week, staring around 3pm and running through to 9pm; where there are people, the food sellers will arrive. It doesn’t matter where you live in this amazing country, there will be a small market several days of the week and these are great places for the best street food.

Don’t Be Fooled by Appearance

The tastiest dishes are prepared by the single old lady, with her few tables and chairs on the side of the street. There are eateries that have had the same pot simmering for 30 years! The taste is something you have to experience to appreciate and the Thais are so creative when it comes to food. On almost every street, there is at least one noodle shop that’s been there for generations.

Cooked to Order

Most of the small Thai eateries will cook to order and they can pretty much serve every Thai dish;

  • Coconut cream curries
  • Isaan Spicy food with sticky rice
  • Seafood dishes
  • Grilled Fish & BBQ chicken

Menus might have an English section, but if not, there are images, which is enough to order, besides, there’s nothing like being adventurous when it comes to food.

A quick online search will bring up some local expat guides for the best street food in Bangkok and regardless of which part of the city you live in, street food is everywhere!


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