Try the Irresistible Taste of French Cuisine with Smooth and Creamy Foie Gras

When we think about great culinary experiences French cuisine has its own special place. Whether we cook in the western world or in UK, French gastronomy and its cooking style has shaped the cooking techniques to a large extent. Although, we see a lot of variation than what was cooked in classical French ways, the flavours still remain influential.

Are you wondering what is foie gras? Well, it is one of the classic produces used in French cuisine. It adds a smooth and buttery taste to the dishes and is prepared from the liver of ducks or geese that are specially fattened. You can order the finest of the duck foie gras from Foie Gras Gourmet. They ensure that you receive a produce that has exquisite quality and flavours delivered to your door step anywhere in the world.

It is part of most gourmet kitchens throughout the world and is usually served as starter. It is not just delicious in taste, but also highly nutritious supplying with nutrients such as:

  • Iron
  • Copper
  • Vitamins A and B12
  • Healthy sources of fats

Grades of Foie Gras and which one you should use

There are 3 grades in which foie gras is sold in the market and each grade has a different use. These grades are A, B, and C. Following are the uses of each of the grade of the produce:

  • A: It is the largest liver produce and is used to make slices of the same in the dishes.
  • B: This one is smaller than A yet renders the most fat when cooked. It is softer produce and has more number of visible veins. These can also be used for creating slices and also for searing.
  • C: This is a more processed form and is generally used in dishes that require a much smoother texture such as a mouse.

French foie gras is also coded. Some of the common codes are:

  • Pureed forms are generally referred to as Mousse or Block De Foie Gras.
  • When large pieces of the liver lobe are pressed against each other; it is coded as Foie Gras which is the most conventional variety.
  • The most expensive produce where either the entire lobe or a single piece of lobe is served is coded as Foie Gras Entier.
  • When you buy the raw live produce to cook at home, you will have to refer it to the vendor as Foie Gras Cru.
  • When half cooked piece cut which is not pasteurized is purchased, it is referred to as Foie Gras Frais
  • The piece cuts that are thoroughly cooked and packed after pasteurization can be refrigerated for many months are coded as Foie Gras Semi-conserve. However, these cuts are not sterilized.
  • Canned and sterilized one is referred to as Foie Gras En Conserve.

If you are ordering Foie Gras in a restaurant, then you can expect a serving size of approximately 3 ounces. It is rich and buttery and tastes even better when combined with spices like black pepper and cloves, truffles, and even some fruits.

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