Barbecue Vs. Plancha Grills- Which Offers the Best Coking Experience?

Grilling is a favorite way of cooking for many. For adventurous chefs, it’s an excellent way of adding punch to cooked food. However, it’s critical to use the right type of grill. For instance, barbecue grills have for long been used to prepare yummy delicacies for outdoor events. But, the advent of plancha grills has since remodeled the entire grilling experience.

Plancha vs. barbecue grills How do they work?

These are handy cooking appliances of Spanish origin. Plancha grills sear meats and vegetables on the cooking surface. Unlike barbecue grills, they feature a drip tray to confine grease from cooked food. Plancha grills come in endless varieties, and you can always get to match your requirements.

 Planchas come in gas or electric models, and you can choose from carbon steel or stainless frames. Whether using a cast-iron plancha grill or a roller grill plancha, you’ll enjoy quicker cook time, and this won’t compromise the quality of your food. On the other hand, a barbecue grill cooks by utilizing heat from beneath. These gills come in varied categories, including gas, charcoal, and eclectic.

Plancha vs. Barbecue grills, which is best?

Choosing between plancha and barbecue grills can be quite confusing, and this boils down to personal taste. Nevertheless, you have to consider various aspects when shopping. The most important considerations when comparing the two types of grills are; cooking time, maintenance, cooking type, price, and size of the grill. Here are some of the differences.

  1. Use of oil

Plancha grills are healthier cooking options. With the best plancha grill, you can cook your food without oil. But, barbecue grills require brushing some oil to your barbecue to stop your food from sticking and rust. For the flavor, barbecue grills win! You can only get a traditional smoky flavor from charcoal barbecues.

  1. Cooking time

Planchas are great cooking options. They are fast and offer quick heat-up times. With a plancha grill, you can sear compact pieces of meat and vegetable slices without issues. You only need to give your food some minutes on either side and lower the temperature to cook adequately. What’s more? You can always use greaseproof paper to prevent oil spits or overcooking.

  1. Heat distribution

Barbecue grills take about 10-15 minutes t heat up. You have to keep watch on the warm-up time to ensure perfect grilling temperature. Unlike planchas, which disseminate heat evenly, barbecues vary across the cooking grate. The heat dissipation also depends on the grate material. With barbecue grills, you must keep turning your food to avoid burnt raw meat.

  1. Cleaning

Although planchas have raise edges, they are smooth and flat, making them easy to clean. To clean your plancha, scrub off any cooking residue using a plancha scraper. Wash the grill plate using a soft sponge or clean it in the dishwasher if it’s small in size. On the other hand, charcoal barbecues make a lot of mess, including crumbs, ash, and black stains.


Planchas and barbecue grills are both great cooking accessories for anyone who values savory food. If you’re seeking a grill that cooks super fast and is easy to clean, then a cast-iron plancha grill would suit you best. What’s more? You can use a plancha grill for cooking different recipes and fruits.

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