Tips for mastering the art of ice-cream making

Ice-cream is a cult favorite, be it in July’s scorching heat or a thrilling adventure in the freezing month of December. It is the perfect and most loved dessert by everyone from a child to an adult and especially for our grandmas and grand-dads. Due to the lockdown, we have to cut down on our demands because of the COVID-19 virus, but not anymore.

Here are some tips for mastering the art of making ice-cream at home:

  1. Find the perfect recipe out of all the ice-cream recipes available on the internet. You can experiment with various flavors at home and play around with the ingredients to make the process exciting.
  2. Try mango ice-cream recipes to beat the heat. The mango flavor is iconic and is a favorite for people of all ages. Mango is one of the fruits that are easily available in the summer and can be a natural and refreshing hero ingredient of your ice-cream.
  3. Add Nestlé MILKMAID as an ingredient to make your ice-cream extra creamy and smooth. It will make your batter luscious and soft without lumps.
  4. Do not try to cut down on the calories in your first ice-cream. During the initial few times, try to master making ice-cream by knowing all the steps and ingredients thoroughly and later try to substitute them with healthier options.
  5. The most common complaint is that the ice-cream tends to get icy and hard when it is kept in the freezer. In order to avoid that and maintain a creamy texture, you can add gelatin, corn syrup, honey or commercial stabilizers specially made for ice-creams.
  6. Try using a shallow bowl or container for freezing the ice-cream instead of a deep container. It will help keep the flowy texture after it is prepared. Try to avoid deep containers as they may make the ice-cream hard and icy.
  7. Always cover the bowl or container with a plastic wrap in the freezer to make the container air-tight to prevent crystallization.
  8. Remember not to fill the container to the brim. The best technique is to fill it only ⅔ way up. This is because freezing ice-cream needs some space for air. After freezing, the mixture will need some room to expand without overflowing and spilling.
  9. Chill the container before adding the mixture in. This technique is not known to all, but it helps maintain a smooth texture and freeze the ice-cream faster.
  10. The last tip is to experiment. You can start off with the basic steps to master the art but eventually, try adding or subtracting the ingredients that you like and don’t like. You can add anything and everything you like and try it out.

Practice makes us perfect, and the same applies to this art as well. Don’t be in a hurry to master it, but unleash your creativity, and don’t forget to experiment.

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